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Advantages of laser welding :
It makes up the weakness of traditional argon-arc welding and cold welding when conducting patch welding on fine surfaces. It will not cause mould deformation or pit around the place which had patch welding. It can conduct welding at small and narrow place and patch welding in deep cavity position. It will not hurt the side wall around. It will not burn or damage the edge when conducting patch welding on fine angle position.
Observing the operation with professional industrial microscope, the tiny position is clear at a glance.
There are all kinds of imported professional welding sticks which are suitable for all kind of mould materials. Mirror polish and mould texture can be conducted after the welding.
Using special welding stick for patch welding on quench mould, the patch welding position has same hardness as mould has.
It will save a lot of cost in materials, labours and time due to mould change or modification or special purchasing for work-piece.

Toyo Eco-Line TLW-40PF
Fiber transmission spot welding machine
It is the welding machine specially designed for products made from gold, silver, aluminum, copper, platinum, titanium, etc. This machine use the boost power supply with energy feedback function.
Toyo Eco-Line TLW-150
Spot laser welding machine for jewelry
Ergonomic design, it contains more professional and more humanized operation, the power of laser is higher and the welding spot is precise. 
Toyo Eco-Line WY200A
Laser Welding Machine
This model has the biggest sales volume in domestic market of mould laser welding machine for its proven technology and stable performance. It is the best choice for making patch welding on precision mould.
TLW-300 III TLW-180V TLW-180V-C
High power mould laser welding machine
High power laser device with double lamps, it can meet the processing requirement of making welding on copper,aluminium or mould and product require large welding works.
CNC type laser welding machine
It can make welding both on mould and for production. It has wider application range. Auto matic working table make the mould welding more convenient. The welding is high efficient and fast speed.
Computerized CNC type laser welding machine
V-Type machine adopted computer control system. It functions more powerful and more comprehensive.
TLW-180VI TLW-180SW TLW-300F
Spot laser welding-designed for cell phone industries
It is specially designed for industries like mobile phone and electronic industry which are more on mass production. This model is perfectly designed with high efficient, high speed and outstanding performance.
Scanning optic laser welding machine
It adopted with high speed scan mirror when doing laser positioning with the speed 7000mm/second. It greatly improved the positioning speed of product welding. I the efficiency is 3-8 times of normal welding equipment.
Fibren transmission laser welding machine
After the transmission in fiber, the laser will focus on thw work-piece and carry out the welding tasks. The laser beam can be split accordind to time and energy. It can conduct welding simultaneously with multiple laser beams and multiple working stations.
TLW-300V-3D TLW-150FM  TLW-180III
4 axis 3D CNC laser welding machine
It adopted industrial 3D digital control system and it can make welding on complicate multidimensional work piece. it can be widely use in the product such as kettle, water-pump impeller, glasses holder, three way connector of water pipe and etc.
Fiber mould laser welding machine
The body of machine is small and exquisite with convenient operation, and flexibility. It is applicable to make welding in all kind of complicate environment. 
Mould laser welding machine
This model has the biggest sales volume in domestic market of mould laser welding machine for its proven technology and stable performance. It is the best choice for making patch welding on precision mould.

Hanging arm mould laser welding machine
It is applicable to do welding on large mould and deep cavity mould. It has flexible moving ability in ten directions. Patch welding can be conducted while large mould is placed on the car or fork-truck or ground.
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