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MC 2000 MC 2000 Super Fast MC 2000 Scratching
MC 2000
MC2000 is an electrically operated or pneumatically operated machine to make marks by indenting successive microdots or by scratching. It can mark a wide range of previously memorised characters and signs.....
MC 2000 Super Fast
We have designed the new series of electropneumatically operated MC2000 SuperFast markers to meet our customers’ marking requirements within the supply chain and for other applications.
MC 2000 Scratching
COUTH offers you a whole range of scratch marking machines featuring great accuracy, high speed and almost silent operation.
Datamatrix Control Unit
Traceability is a set of actions and technical procedures aimed at identifying and recording the evolution of each unit product from its creation to the last stage of the supply chain.
Control Unit
MC2000T² is the last-generation electronic controller for all MC2000 marking machines.
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