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MC2000T² is the latest generation electronic controller for all MC2000 marking machines. The MC2000T² controller embodies the best features of all previous COUTH control units and incorporates cutting-edge technology improvements. That makes it the most powerful and flexible tool of its kind in the market.

Its new vectorial-definition based marking system makes it possible to mark any kind and size of characters and logo without losing resolution.

Technical Features
Stand-alone unit. No PC needed for its operation.
Controller suitable for any COUTH marking system.
Pneumatic or electromagnetic drive according mechanics.
Graphic menus for easier use.
Multi-language menus.
Vectorial marking without losing resolution whatever the size.
Straight, oblique, arc and symmetrical marking capabilities.
Marking of serial numbers, prior setting of range and recurrence, shifts, time, date, week...
Marking of logos and special characters.
Marking of 2D DataMatrix coding.
Choice of fonts. Possibility of creating customised fonts.
Adjustable character compression, expansion, spacing, italic writing and dot density.
Adjustable speed and impacting force.
Plug-in or built-in Start/Stop push-button box.
Slave mode of operation with PC or PLC.
RS232 series interface, adaptable to RS485, Ethernet, Profibus...
11 input signals and 7 output signals, all programmable for connection to PLC.
Socket for external keyboard connection.
Socket for barcode or DataMatrix code reader connection.
Connector for plate feeder, rotating devices, jogging systems...
40-line fi les (75 characters/line).
Storage of up to 500 fi les.
PC-compatible SD Card for storage and transfer of settings, files, logos...
RoHS standard compliant SMD technology. Complies with CE mark European Directive
Complies with CE mark European Directive.
Power supply: 110/220V, 50/60Hz.
120mmx90mm, 320x240 pixel grey scale display.
Dimensions (width x height x depth -mm-) 280x160x261.
Weight: 5.450kg
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