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We have designed the new series of electropneumatically operated MC2000 SuperFast markers to meet our customers’ marking requirements within the supply chain and for other applications, where both the marking cycles and the available space for installing the system are limited.

The mechanical strength and simplicity of our MC2000 SuperFast marking units combined with their pneumatic drive enable adjustable high marking speeds (of up to 16 characters per second, according to the character height). Due to its minimum weight and volume, the marking unit is ideal for use in small rooms or, in its portable version, for marking products hard to transport given their size or weight.

By perfecting the mechanics of the marking unit, we achieved great toughness and highly reliable almost maintenance-free operation at more cost-effective prices.

Our world-patented new MC2000 SuperFast series of marking machines has signifi cant advantages over other products offered in the market, namely:

Maximum marking speed (a   world record).
Lowest weight and volume.
Mechanical simplicity.
Reliability in operation.
A minimum of maintenance.
Inexpensive prices.
High-speed indelible marking on a large choice of materials: metals (with hardness of up to 62 HRC), plastic, wood, etc.,   with little deformation of the components
Our machines will mark fl at, concave and convex surfaces.
They permit you to mark hard-to-reach or hardto-transport parts.
Adjustable speed: up to 16 characters per second according to character height.
Microprocessor control.
LCD contrast-controllable display.
Pneumatic drive with vibratory cylinder in diameters of 7 - 10 – 14 - 20 mm according to the necessary marking force.
The marking unit can work in any position.
Character heights range from 0.5mm to 15.6mm, including multiple intermediate sizes.
The Start and Pause/Stop controls are independent of the keyboard; this can be disconnected after introducing the mark data.
Marking areas (in mm):50x17/25; 60x15; 100x17/25 and 160x17/25.
Permanent marking of straight, curvy or oblique line within the marking area.
Regrindable hard metal marking styli.
Help menu-driven marking preparation.
Large memory storage capacity.
The controller has RS232 interface and programmable inputs and outputs enabling multiple possible links and automation functions.
Automatic return to the last marking programme in case of power failure.
Optional presetting of the number of marks to make.
Time and Date function for inserting the following data individually: minutes, hours, day, month and year, as well as day of the week, day of the year, week, shifts, etc.
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