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MC 2000

MC2000 is an electrically operated or pneumatically operated machine to make marks by indenting successive microdots or by scratching. It can mark a wide range of previously memorised characters and signs, in variable sizes and depths.
Almost all types of materials (metal, plastic, wood, glass, etc.) can be indelibly marked by repeated incision of a properly sharp hard metal stylus into the surface. Our system permits marking flat or rounded objects of great hardness and with important unevenness or differences in height, without exposing them to high stresses or deformation. As standard, MC2000 comprises 3 interconnected working units forming a desktop machine:

1) A MARKING UNIT, with coordinate-controlled movement of the marking head, which constitutes the mechanical part,     with all necessary supports and attachments;
2) A CONTROLLER, with a drive system and microprocessor, including a backlit Liquid Crystal Display;
3) A MARKING HEAD, permitting different marking depths and speeds.

MC2000 P+N (50x17) MC2000 N (90x60) MC2000 P (200x35)
MC2000 P+N (50x17)
Hybrid System Benchtop+Portable
Model for use either as a portable or as a benchtop unit with column support and table, for marking any kind of parts. High marking speed on all kinds of materials up to 62 HRC hardness. Reliable, strong and low-maintenance machine.
MC2000 N (90x60)
Benchtop System
Benchtop model with column support and marking table, specially designed for marking large areas.Great accuracy and high marking speed on all kinds of materials up to 62 HRC hardness. Reliable, strong and low-maintenance machine.
MC2000 P (200x35)
Porttable System Deep Marking
Model of great mechanical stifness, specially intended for deep marking applications. Compact and sturdy, ideal for field marking of big parts. High marking speed on any kind of material and hardness. Reliable, strong and low- maintenance machine.

Electric or pneumatic drive.
Optional pneumatically operated models for deep incisions and special applications.
On desktop models, the column is rotatable, making it possible to mark large-sized objects.
The marking head of U models can adopt any orientation. In order to offset gravity on models with screw spindles, it is possible to adjust the tightness of the check nuts adequately.
Accurate marking of dots, each of them always lying at the programmed coordinates.
Characters are formed by indenting a succession of dots:
1- in a 5 x 7 or 9 x 13 dot matrix
2- or at a higher density of dots between the previous ones.
Characters adjustable to suit optical character reading (OCR) systems.
Models with usual measurements in mm and inches.
Attachments and optional features to mark cylindrical surfaces. (Photos 24 and 31).
Normal character sizes from 0.5mm.
Optional models with sizes from 0.125 to 20mm in height.
Marking speeds according to required quality and cycle times, of up to 16 characters per second for the smallest ones. Special models are available for applications requiring improved speed or accuracy.
LCD contrast-controllable and scroll display.
Marking in straight line at any angle of inclination or in circle, with programmable home positions, centres, radii and orientations of the characters.
Help menu-driven preparation of the marking process, with mean values provided automatically.
To help centring the mark, the stylus can make a dry test run following the outline of each line to be marked.
Defining the coordinates for each marking line is possible either by entering their numerical values or by automatically saving the stylus position as determined with the keyboard’s arrow keys.
It is possible to disconnect the keyboard after defi ning the mark required, and then to operate the system only with the Start and Stop controls, the latter including a previous Pause stage that enables resuming the job if necessary.
Automatic resetting to the last marking programme after a power failure, which enables proceeding with the process under the same conditions.
Presetting, if required, of the mark count and read-out on the display.
Time and Date function for inserting the following data individually: minutes, hours, day, month and year using 1 or 2 digits. Optionally, it will be possible to add other values like the day of the week, day of the year, week, shifts, etc.
In addition to the keyboard characters and other signs available, it might be possible to add other options, such as logos, small letters, etc.
The RS232 interface and the programmable inputs and outputs may serve to enable automated functions that might be necessary, including but not limited to selecting the text to be marked, barcodes, activating the solenoid valve, etc. (If interested,please contact us.)
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