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Laser cleaning machine is the latest high-tech surface cleaning product. Easy to install, operate, easy to achieving automation. Simple operation with plug in connect the power, switch on the equipment and start cleaning-without chemicals, no media, dust-free, and water-free cleaning. Cleaning with no detergent, no media, no dust, no water. Automatic focusing - can clean curved surface, gentle cleaning surface. Can remove the object surface resin, oil strain, dirt, rust turbidity, coating materials, paints on workpiece surface. 


Application in Idustries :
Tyre mould, rubber mould, auto parts, ship industry, automotive, food, water treatment, petrochemical industry, high-end machine tool, environmental protection industry, etc.

Hand-held laser scanning head


Special scanning laser head, can be hand-held, also convenient fixed electric beams, or fixed beams on the laser head to move or cleaned the movement of goods. 


 Comparison with traditional cleaning methods.  

Comparison Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical Grinding Dry Ice Cleaning 
Washing method Non-contact cleaning Contact cleaning Abrasive contact cleaning Non-contact cleaning 
Harm to base materialNone Yes Yes None 
Washing efficiency High Low Low Mid 
Consumable Power Chemical detergent Abrasive paper grinder, abrasive stone Dry ice 
Washing result Very good, very clear Medium, uneven Medium, unevenGood, uneven 
Precision washingAccuracy controllable, high precision Chemical pollution Dust pollution No pollution 
Safety/Environment No pollution Chemical pollution Dust pollution No pollution 

Easy to operate, portable or automation optional 

Complicated process,higher technical requirement of the operator. Pollution prevention measures required 

Need more time & manpower. Pollution prevention measures requiredEasy to operate, portable or automatic
InvestmentHigh investment on machine. But no consumable costLow investment on machine, but high consumable costMedium investment on machine. High manpower cost Medium investment on machine. High consumable cost

Technical Specifications 
Model TLC-7C-0100 TLC-7C-0200 
Laser Source type Fiber laser source Fiber Laser Source 
Laser Power Power100W200W  
Laser wave length 1064nm 1064nm 
Pulse repetition rate 20-200KHz 20-50KHz 
Cooling method Air cooling Water Chiller 
Chilled water Distilled water Distilled water 
Water temperature  19 celcius 
Dimension 760mm X 780mm X 790mm 760mm X 780mm X 790mm 
Weight 65kg 178kg (include chiller) 
MAx. power 600W 1000W 
Focal depth 10-60mm 10-60mm  
Optional Portable/Automation Portable/Automation  
Working temperature 5-40 celcius 5-40 celcius  
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