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The theory of laser marking :
Laser marking machine is also called laser carving machine, laser sculpturing machine, laser label printing machine etc. laser marking is to focus laser beam on object surface, after evaporating the material in the surface, the deeper material will be exposed, or marking the mark by the physical chemistry changes occurred in surface material, or burning and removing some part of material by laser and display them in orderly lines so as to required image or word.

Laser marking has obvious advantage comparing with traditional marking technique.
1. Marking speed is faster; the writing is distinct and long lasting.
2. It is non-contact processing, less pollution and no wearing.
3. Operation is convenient , anti counterfeit function is stronger.
4. It can achieve high speed automatic operation, low production cost.
CO2 laser marking machine
It is mainly used for the marking or carving on non-metal material such as cloth, leather, glass, plastic, bamboo & wood products etc.

On-Line conveyor type marking system
Make production process marking on electronic components, PCB assembly and electronic product.
Toyo Eco-Line
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
High reflective, strong power and long service life. Proven technology and stable performance. Ideal machine for jewelry art and craft
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