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Features :
- It can make welding both on mould and for production, it has wider application range.
- It has full Chinese demonstration programming, visualized operation, easy to learn.
- With industrial motion controller, it can make automatic welding in any orbit.
- High laser power supply and high power radiating system can meet the demand of 24 hours mass production.
- Worktable with heavy duty bearing designed for heavy parts & mould insert and precision movement of X & Y axis control with joystick, it make the welding process convenient and faster.

Application :
Electronics industry:
Shell sealing of mobile phone battery. power batteries, sealing and close welding on solid-state relay, welding on connectors, welding on metal cover and mechanical parts in mobile phone and mp3, welding on electric motor cover, connenting wires and fiber joints connectors etc.
Metal industry:

Bathroom accessory, tools, accessories, tableware and lighting tools.
Automobile industry:
Seal welding on cylinder head gasket of engine, hydraulic tappet, welding on spark plug, filter cleaner etc.
Medical industry:
Welding on stainless steel sealing parts and mechanical parts in medical appliances and medical instruments.

Example :
Technical Specification :
Model No. TLW - 180V TLW - 300V
Wavelength of laser 1064nm 1064nm
Reflector in condenser cavity Imported ceramic condenser cavity - UK Imported ceramic condenser cavity - UK
Max laser power 180w 300w
Pulse width 0.1 - 20ms 0.1 - 20ms
Frequency of Laser 0.1 - 50Hz 0.1 - 200Hz
Beam adjustment range 0.3 - 2mm 0.3 - 2mm
Pointer Red laser & Cross head
(Optional: Video camera system)
Red laser & Cross head
(Optional: Video camera system)
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Power of cooling water machine 1.5P 3P
Stroke of worktable 200 x 300mm 200 x 300mm
Power drain of whole machine 6KW single-phase / 3-phase 12KW 3-phase
Power demand Single-phase 220V ±5% / 50Hz / 30A
3-phase 380V ±5% / 50Hz / 20A
3-phase 380V ±5% / 50Hz / 20A
External measurement Main machine: 700 x 1600 x 1300mm
Cooling water machine:
540 x 610 x 790mm
Main machine: 700 x 1600 x 1300mm
Cooling water machine:
540 x 810 x 1200mm
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