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Features :
- Small faculae, higher precision, welding point is small and good look. Light worktable, faster speed, higher efficiency.
- It specially optimized the welding process of metal cover and mechanical part in mobile phone and MP3. It has greater pertinence and higher efficiency.
- With special welding control system, its stability is extremely high, accompany with full Chinese demonstrative programming, LCD touch screen operation, it is easy to learn, understand and operate.
- With its strong expansibility, it can achieve full automatic unattended processing by combining production line, optoelectronic detector and pneumatic fixture etc.
- High-power laser power supply and high-power cooling system can meet the requirement of 24 hours mass production.

Application :
Mobile phone industry:
Welding on metal cover, mechanical parts in electronic products such as mobile phone, MP3, MP4, GPS etc.
Battery industry:
Laser welding on lithium battery, battery pack and electrode etc.
Electronics industry:

Welding on socket connector, precision connector, relay, sensor, motor cover and connecting wire etc.
Metal industry:

Welding on small stamping parts and casting parts.

Example :
Technical Specification :
Model No. TLW - 180VI TLW - 300VI
Wavelength of laser 1064nm 1064nm
Reflector in condenser cavity Imported ceramic condenser cavity - UK Imported ceramic condenser cavity - UK
Max laser power 180w 300w
Pulse width 0.1 - 20ms 0.1 - 20ms
Frequency of Laser 0.1 - 50Hz 0.1 - 200Hz
Beam adjustment range 0.3 - 2mm 0.3 - 2mm
Pointer Red laser & Cross head
(Optional: Video camera system)
Red laser & Cross head
(Optional: Video camera system)
Positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Power of cooling water machine 1.5P 3P
Stroke of worktable 170 x 170mm 170 x 170mm
Power drain of whole machine 6KW single-phase / 3-phase 12KW 3-phase
Power demand Single-phase 220V ±5% / 50Hz / 30A
3-phase 380V ±5% / 50Hz / 20A
3-phase 380V ±5% / 50Hz / 20A
External measurement Main machine: 600 x 1100 x 1450mm
Cooling water machine:
540 x 610 x 790mm
Main machine: 600 x 1100 x 1450mm
Cooling water machine:
560 x 810 x 1200mm
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