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Toyo Eco-Line Laser Welding Machine WY200A
Features :
-It adopted imported ceramic condenser cavity from UK, high reflectivity, strong power and extremely long service life.
-This model occupied the largest proportion in domestic market for its proven technology and stable performance.
-It is equipped with 1.5P high power special cooling water system which is support the machine to work longer hours with high power in good condition.
-The base of the workable uses electric lifting for up and down movement. The moving unit of the worktable is equipped with precise ball bearing bar and linear lead rail. It is light weight and flexible with precise positioning

Application :
Applies to products made from gold, silver, aluminum, copper, platinum, titanium. Moreover, it can be widely used in welding application. 

Technical specification:
Model No. WY200A
Laser power 200W
Laser source:Pulse Nd YAG 6mm
Pulse width 0.3-20ms
Pulse frequency 0.1-50Hz
Single pulse energy 60J
Beam diameter 0.1-3.0mm
Cooling system 1P water chiller
Power consumption 6KW
Observing system Microscope 10X
3 axis of laser X=200mm, Y=200mm, Z=100mm, all electrical
3 axis of table X=300mm, Y=200mm, Z=150mm, XY manual, Z electrical
Data memorization 10 groups
Illumination  LED ring lights
Language display English
Shield gas supply One line quick connection (argon)
Running environment Temp. 5-30 Celcius, Humidity 5-75% 
Dimensions 1150*700*1300 + 850*550*670 + 960*760*1150mm
Laser head 360 degree swing
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