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Features :
- It is the first in china, with its articulation positioning function, its welding range vary from large mold of vehicle to small and precision mold of mobile phone, this machine is almighty for all of them.
- Its function is powerful and easy to make adjustment. It allows make patch welding on mold in all kinds of complicate environment.
- It is mostly suitable for large vehicle mold welding and site processing for the mold of mobile phone cover in the workshop.
- The control of machine head uses stepless speed regulating, it is flexible and convenient.
- By using fiber transmission, it remains the uniformity of laser power and makes welding quality better.

Field of application :
It is applicable to make patch welding on large, middle, small size plastic mold or die-casting mold used in industries like shell making industry, automobile industry, rubber industry and home appliance industry. This model is the first choice for processing services provider to proceed site processing for customer.

Example :

Technical Specification :
Model No. TFL-150FM
Wavelength of laser 1064nm
Reflector in condenser cavity British ceramic condenser cavity
Max laser power 150w
Pulse width 0.1 - 20ms
Frequency of Laser 0.1 - 50Hz
Faculae adjustment range 0.3 - 2mm
Power of cooling water machine 1.5P
Stroke of worktable 100 x 120mm
Power drain of whole machine 6KW single-phase / 3-phase
Power demand Single-phase 220V ±5% / 50Hz / 30A
3-phase 380V ±5% / 50Hz / 20A
External measurement Main machine: 600 x 1100 x 750mm
Cooling water machine: 540 x 610 x 790mm
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