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Features :
- This machine use the boost power supply with energy feedback function
-Energy feedback technology for reverse feedback, can effectively control the laser output energy. 
- Professional design for working inner cavity, it is easy to clean and recycle precious metals.
-Every bit of the output energy of a laser difference does not exceed ±1.5% through the application of this technology, can effectively control the defective products especially in the mass production of precision laser welding. 

Application :
Applies to products made from gold, silver, aluminum, copper, platinum, titanium, can be widely used in spot welding. Moreover, it applies welding on jewelry and metal ornaments such as rings, ear rings, bracelet, necklace, tie pin and sleeve button etc. 

Example :


Technical specification:
Model No. TLW - 40PF
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Maximum laser power 40W
Maximum laser pulse energy  60J 
Fiber output  Standard with 1 road (maximum)
Feedback function  Energy Feedback function
Pump source  Xenon
Pulse width  0.2-20ms
Pulse frequency  0.4-100Hz
Welding points size  0.4-2mm
Welding depth  0.1-1mm
Fiber core, cable length  0.6mm (optional 0.4mm), 5m fiber cable length
Waveform  Edit 8
Waveform storage segment  Adjustable Waveform storage number 20 groups
Laser energy changes rate  <±1.5%
Scanning positioning  Red laser (optional CCD camera monitored system)
Main machine hosts power  <3KW
Power demand  AC 220V <±10% 50Hz
Cooling system Air-cooled
Main machine external measurement size  400mm(L) X 1080mm(W) X 835mm(H)
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